Within corrections, in a zigzag correction, wave C is often 161.8% of wave A. If the correction is a flat correction, then wave C is usually equal to wave A or no more than 138.2% of wave A. In addition to giving us the rules of Elliott Wave Theory, Ralph Elliott also discussed the personality of the waves at various positions in the cycle. For example, the third wave is usually the steepest wave, and is accompanied by expanding volume.

This trading blog offers no portfolio analysis or reports that would help assist investors in making long-term investment decisions. NinjaTrader is a US-based software company that provides a great trading platform with advanced research tools. It is an ideal forum for active traders who need detailed technical analysis tools for their trades. Learn to Trade the Market is a professional trading education blog.

For many people all across the world, Elliott Wave theory continues to provide markets a sense of structure. The capacity to constantly adjust the theory whenever a rule is breached can make it difficult to employ the theory as a trading tool. Which Fibonacci retracement levels might be applied at different stages in the trend are highlighted by the previously stated principles. The 23.6 percent -50 percent levels would be of special interest to a trader searching for a fourth wave given rule three, who would also be looking for it to be reasonably shallow.

There is Now a 1.618 Wave, but, but, but ..

In conclusion, the next couple sessions are going to be the “make or break” for bears . SPX has formed three down so far, and while there’s every indication this is going to become an impulsive decline , it has not yet officially done so. In conclusion, SPX has now formed an apparent larger impulse down from this month’s highs, suggesting that bulls will be taking the back seat for a while. In conclusion, SPX’s intentions are unclear — as I noted back on 9/2, the red trend line was something of an inflection zone…

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And as of Tuesday’s close, SPX is sitting right on that inflection zone. So this is “bounce or break” territory, but if bulls can’t get it together here, then a sustained break could take SPX down to the next noted zones. Gives you Elliott wave-based alerts the moment such a potential market opportunity arises. Timely, objective, expert analysis throughout the open sessions to help you make smarter trading decisions. Unlock tons of free reports, videos, forecasts and more – designed for investors like you.

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Additional methodologies were added, and the result is a unique system of technical analysis with built-in “checks and balances”. Learning the Elliott Wave Principle might seem daunting. But in this clever video, you’ll discover that just about anyone can count waves. Whether you’re new to Elliott or just want to brush up on the basics, you’ll be spotting patterns within minutes as you discover the building blocks of Elliott.

This eventually led to Warrior Trading’s position as a trading education industry leader. The purpose of this trading blog is to benefit and improve the lives of its employees, customers, partners, and communities. Get to know some ofbest gaming stocksto invest in now. Allow up to 2 business to complete the initial chart technical analysis work.

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In this technical blog we’re going to take a quick look at the Elliott Wave charts of 10 Year Notes ( $ZN_F) . As our members know, ZN_F has given us recovery against the 135’17 peak- wave (). At Elliottwave-Forecast, we offer 24 hour coverage of 52 instruments from Monday – Friday using Elliott Wave Theory as primary tools of analysis. With our expert team at your side to provide you with all the timely and accurate analysis, you will never be left in the dark and you can concentrate more on the actual trading and making profits.

Further, wave ivis much longer-in-timethan wave ii- a characteristic we often look for in impulses and in expanding diagonals. Only the Smart Money knows for sure what they will do with their funds depending on Chair Powell’s remarks tomorrow. We are not yet to the minute degree let alone the minor degree. Remain open and flexible and do your best to count the waves on the way up. I’m telling you that if we are making a diagonal lower, the expanding variety is one of the most difficult to count at every twist and turn.

There are three Elliott Wave RulesEasy enough, right? The trouble is to understand how to use these rules to your advantage. In my book “Five Waves to Financial Freedom” I have explained all these with numerous examples. But you could see hundreds of charts in this blog itself. At, there are Elliott Wave examples covering dozens of asset classes.

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This version of the count is much less proportional and would invalidate below a certain level. There is a version of this count which can make the whole structure a contracting leading diagonal. I have been wondering if I am wrong on the timing of the end of the world.

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I won’t have the data yet for the NYSE “breadth thrust” chart until Monday, yet I can project it will be sub .40 which gives us another “negative breadth thrust event” of only 13 days. NYSE another negative breadth thrust event at the same levels that I predicted it would happen. 13 days is pretty dowmarket bearish on top of a 10-day event. The wave count on the 3 month note suggests the rise in yields will lose momentum in a first wave peak. Then a pullback which may result in the Fed reducing rates for a little bit and then acceleration to higher rates than what was experienced in the early 1980’s.


We believe our sentiment condition screenshots are so amazingly valuable to traders, we wanted to spend some time showing viewers how to read those charts, and how to utilize them in your trading. These charts show DSI , and multiple measures of commercials (the producers/hedgers) positioning. As we all know, retail traders are notoriously positioned on the wrong side of trade at major turns. Knowing retail vs commercial is crucial when timing your trades. By using these pages you agree that your trading or investment decisions are your own, and you agree to hold the author and his web-sites or blogs harmless from same.

Elliott Wave analysis is among the most complicated methods of forecasting market movements on financial markets. However, for successful trading, just the basics of this analytical method may be enough. You will need to detect the most widespread patterns and understand at what conditions you may open trades.

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